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The Mission of DOLL, INC (Dedicated, Opportunity, Living and Looking Forward), a not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization, is to provide a peaceful, supportive, rapid re-housing, home environment for homeless Veterans suffering and recovering from Post-Traumatic stress Disorder and drug and substance abuse through our two-year rapid re-housing and case-management program, which includes early childhood development services and support for the children of our Veterans.  Provide economic development in under-served communities with permanent affordable housing for United States Veterans and United States citizens, career opportunities, job training for the unemployed and underemployed, and attract businesses to the areas where DOLL, INC. housing and services resides.

Our Goals:

• Provide diverse and unique services that will ensure progressive steps to help these veterans move from homeless shelter, to transitional to permanent housing to offer a more independent living arrangement.

• Provide ongoing training, resources and education to ensure the development of services that will address specific needs of women veterans

• Collaborate with services and agencies related to and including Veteran Affairs, related organizations, support groups and other entities that aid to assist the needs of men and women veterans.

• Provide community-based opportunity to live in a shared home that offers an opportunity for personal growth and development with a group of women veterans who may share the same needs by providing empowerment and encouragement to form a better more healthy lifestyle.

• Provide individual and group counseling to foster self-awareness and structure, offering the men and women veterans an opportunity to address their needs and offering strong supports to help contribute their personal growth and development.

Our Services:

DOLL, INC purpose is to provide transitional/permanent housing for homeless men and women veterans whose livelihood have been in some way or another severely impacted due to homelessness, loss employment, marital status, and or abuse.

DOLL, INC  provide men and women veterans with an independent, positive, and peaceful home environment, in which they are respected, supported, motivated, encouraged, and assisted in sustaining a happy and healthy environment that promotes personal growth and development.

DOLL, INC purpose is to serve as an integral community-based resource home for those in need.  We are dedicated to serving men and women veterans who have sacrificed their lives for our country.